Additive manufacturing is a process that has been developing throughout the years and has brought clever and reliable solutions to the industrial market. 3D printing has opened the door, that has led to fast optimization of designs, and the possibility to create much more complex parts without a manufacturing limitation. Therefore the R&D departments of many companies have exploded these possibilities to their higher ends and already require of 3D printed parts in many kinds of materials. 

LTS Poland is able to supply 3D Printed & Post Processed parts using the following technology: 

- Direct Metal Printers 

- Stereolithography -SLA


- MJF (Multi Jet Fusion) 

In various materials such as: 

- 316L Stainless Steel

- 17-PH Stainless Steel

- CoCrF75

- Steel 1.2709

- Ni625 (Inconel)

- Ni718 (Inconel)

- AlSi10Mg

- Polymers (PA12, PA12-GF, TPU, etc.)

- Plastic Resins - *Dental Applications

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