Cooperating with LTS Poland will result in immediate cost reductions for your company! 

LTS Poland is an emerging company in the European market which focuses in offering proper "knowledge based solutions" for the manufacturing of highly complex precision components for the industry.

Localized in Wroclaw, Poland. We are able to provide our services among the Central & Eastern-European Market, in one of the most important on-growing regions of production facilities.

The manufacturing industry is in a constant need for development and optimizations in order to be more effective. LTS Poland, makes a full evaluation and analysis of the projects and determines a reliable and achievable target for granting process effectiveness and cost optimization. 

We collaborate with our customers by creating a strong and long-lasting bond by offering a high quality service, based on our core company values: 

- Responsibility 

- Honesty 


With more that 15 years experience, LTS Poland team counts with knowledge in the production of either big series (high volume) or small series (small volume), precision components in many different materiales such as: 

- Carbon Steel 

- Stainless Steel

- Nickel Alloys (Inconel, Hastalloy, Monel)

- Aluminium 

- Copper 

- Brass

- CrCo​

Using state of the art equipment such as:

- CNC 2-Axis Lathes 

- CNC 4-Axis Lathes

- CNC Turn/Mill Centers 

- CNC Automatic Lathes (Swiss Type)

- CNC 3-Axis Milling Machines

- CNC 5-Axis Milling Machines 

- Cam Driven Multispindles

- CNC Multispindles

- CNC Cylindrical Grinders

- CNC Tool Grinders