MACRO Programming is used to perform complex "background" procedures in order to upgrade and improve the user's experience while operating a CNC Machine. 

Commonly MACROS are used to perform several protocols in order to automatically verify and check that the inputs the operating staff introduces into the controller. Among the several uses this tool might have, LTS Poland has developed the following: 

- Tool Life Monitoring

- Automatic Offset Copying 

- Automatic Offset Shifting 

- Automatic Work-Zero Definition 

- Automatic Part Measuring

- Automatic Tool Wear Correction

- Automatic "Sister Tools/Multi-Tools" Operation

- Multiple Parts in Single CNC Program

- Safety Operational Procedures

        - Check if "Tool Wear" Correction was done properly

        - Check if "Tool Measuring" was done properly

- Bar Code Reading 

- Custom Macro creation based on our clients needs.