Tool Cost Reduction 

Through out networking and collaboration with European local suppliers, LTS Poland was able to offer their client a 25% reduction in their annual tooling costs. 

Full Process Documentation MPD

We are currently working on the implementation of the MPD (Manufacturing Process Description) system, in which working hand by hand with their team we will document all their current and new processes under a standard procedure contemplating every important detail for the production. 

Turning Process Improvement

Using our knowledge in production processes, specifically in turning operations. LTS Poland was able to deliver a efficient and stable process, helping our client to deliver quality parts, suppressing and additional operation (Grinding). 

Tool Monitoring Macro

Despite the fact that newer CNC controllers have the "Tool Monitoring" option already enable, most of the old controllers do not count with such option. That is why LTS Poland, created a Macro for all FANUC controllers for monitoring the tool life.

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