Tool costs are a direct and representative factor to determine the product sales price. Therefore LTS Poland focuses in this subject in order to provide a fast, direct and sustainable cost-saving solution for our clients. 

Companies are constantly look forward to optimize their tooling costs by centralizing the services, diminish the number of suppliers, and getting more competitive costs. Therefore LTS Poland assists provides the following solutions: 

- Tool Consumption Analysis

- Tool Cost Analysis

- Strategies for Tool Cost Reduction

- Definition of Tools Optimal Suppliers

- Tool Inventory + "Just in Time" Delivery

​Furthermore, LTS Poland offers very competitive prices in cutting tools for most of the recognized brands. Additionally, we have settled a very strong cooperation with  TOTIME  (Japan),  WHIZCUT  (Sweden),  AMAYA TOOLS  (France),  Walmag Magnetics  (Czech Republic) and  5th Axis  (United States)  in order to offer "high-quality cost-efficient" tool programs. As a result LTS Poland became authorized distributor of the these brands.